Slightly Better Deal

We love dealhunting; You love saving money; Let’s work together!

How it works (a fictional tale)

Let’s say your 13 channel TV kicks the bucket, and you not only want to join the 21st century, but you decide to do it in style! As a deal savvy consumer, you jump on your favorite deal site, and there is this amazing 72″ 4K 4:4:4 OLED (trust me, it’s good) at Target with these discounts:

  • MSRP – $2,999 100% 100%
  • Deal Site Discount of $1,099 – $1,900 67% 67%
  • After Red Card 5% ($99.95) discount – $1,899.05 63.3% 63.3%
  • Your happieness watching The Matrix in 4K on a 72″ TV that you saved almost $1,100 on: 95% 95%

Now, since I find deal hunting exhilarating, I happen to have been buying up every target gift card that hits eBay at a great price, averaging 85¢ on the dollar, and 1% back in eBay bucks.  I also purchased those cards using my credit card that gives me 5% rewards for eBay purchases.  Those points can then be redeemed for other gift cards at a 10% discount, which I then use for the next deal I find. Also, as a target affiliate, I get a 5% commission on the purchase!  My discount graph like this:

  • MSRP – $2,999 100% 100%
  • Deal Site Discount of $1,099 – $1,900 67% 67%
  • Target Gift Card Savings ($285) – $1,615 53.9% 53.9%
  • Target Affiliate Commission ($99.95) – $1,515.05 50.5% 50.5%
  • Credit Card rewards for buying gift cards on Ebay ($80.75) – $1,434.30 47.8% 47.8%
  • Ebay Bucks ($16.15) – $1,418.15 47.2% 47.2%
  • Discount on my next gift cards ($8.08) – $1,410.07 47.0% 47.0%

I have managed to save an additional $488.98 that you would not have been able to save on your own. If you were to try it would be a full-time job.  I become a buying agent, take $200 to pay for my time/costs, and pass the additional $288.98 on to you! There is no graph that can show how happy we both are now!

There are certain limits I have, such as handling mail-in-rebates since I will never actually touch the product, however, I can do many online rebates, so I can pass those savings on to you instantly so you don’t even have to wait for the rebates!

Sounds cool, but… why?

Maybe I’m a little odd.  Since I was a toddler, I would churn over the most seemingly irrelevant things endlessly because I loved the intricacy, fine detail, and absolute beauty that you can observe throughout so many things in the world if you just take the time to look.  Full time, I’m a software engineer, someone who has to think through every consequence of every possible action, it just fits my personality.

Then, came the Dot Com Crash.  I went from having a fantastic job as Director of Technology at an online advertising agency to absolutely broke in less than a year.1

My first child was born right as everything fell apart, my family was being evicted and I literally had to scour parking lots for change so I could afford the 67¢ loaves of Walmart brand bread to feed my family.

Well, as I do, I set my mind to work on how I could make every single penny I could get my hands on many more times as powerful. I started couponing2 before couponing was popular, and found the amount of power you could gain from knowledge exhilarating.

It was all downhill from there.  The natural progression in my mind is to start sharing my strange obsession with the world and make a decent income while I’m at it.

1 I was smart enough to build up a nest egg but so stupid I thought I could save the company I was working for by dumping everything I had into it.
2 Those crazy people who spend a week figuring out how to get $500 worth of groceries for $18.41.

What is a Deal Site?

A Deal Site is a website where other people scour the internet and find amazing deals, and publish them online.  They usually make money by being an affiliate of the stores you end up purchasing from.  Really, just like with us, everyone all around wins!

If you read my story you will learn that I discovered these deal sites around the turn of the millennium, but the more the world has grown to embrace online retail, the more amazing these sites become.

The first site I found is (now defunct), however, shortly thereafter I stumbled upon and  I’m a daily user of both of those sites even nearly 2 decades later!